Error: Error 0x40000027 (Database interface error)

Error: Error 0x40000027 (Database interface error)

I am analysing a running program for lightweight hotspot for 20 sec duration in linux machine.

and this error occured ,not getting any idea about this..

please help

error is

 Error: Error 0x40000027 (Database interface error) -- FailedTo Complete

Operation(Error 0x40000013 (Corrupted file format) -- /tmp/tmp-1ce6319/temp.xml)

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Are you running the most recent (update 5) of VTune?

Could you please attach the result directory to this thread?

Also, could you please run your analysis on the command-line and provide the full output of VTune?

If you don’t want to share any additional information about your application / results publicly, please feel free to open a ticket at



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