Success story with Intel OpenCL SDK

Success story with Intel OpenCL SDK

Dear All,

We would like to share with you one successful story of implementation

An OpenCL implementation of the Gaussian pyramid and the resampler one of the most common algorithms in image processing.

We would like to send our greetings to the Intel OpenCL development team for making such a nice framework and even more better forum support.

Specially the Intel® OpenCL Debugger was the most useful tool during this development.

You could find some nice tricks of developing your С++ application with OpenCL and CMake there.

The article, data and source code are available at

For our development we have been using following tools:

1. CMake

2. ITK

2. NVidia CUDA


4. And the most of all, the Intel OpenCL SDK.

Thanks, Denis

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Hi Denis,

Thanks for the warm words.

Arnon Peleg, OpenCL Product Marketing Manager. 

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