Cone Cast

Cone Cast


I am trying to to a cone cast. What I want is to cast a shape in front of my character and see if it intersects anything. Is there such thing is Havok? I tried linearcast which works fine for everything directly in front of me but lacks the angle.


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Hi Stephane L.

Havok does not support a "cone cast," but you can achieve the effect you're after with a hkpPhantomCallbackShape or hkpTriggerVolume. These shape types have no phyiscal effect in a scene but will trigger events when other shapes penetrate them. You can attach your detector shape to the character and move it as the character moves to detect objects each frame. The hkpTriggerVolume performs continuous collision detection, while the hkpPhantomCallbackShape does not - see see section " Trigger Volumes" and " Phantom Callback Shape" in the product manual for more details.

Please let me know whether this will provide the functionality you need - thanks!


Thanks for the information.

I need to put it on hold for more important tasks atm, but when I try it out, I will give out my solution.

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