Support for Windows 8 Store Apps

Support for Windows 8 Store Apps

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Is there any support for Windows 8 Store Apps with the new Beta 3 release?
If not, is it something planned for the gold release?


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Currently,  Windows 8 store applications are not supported in Beta 3,  nor is it planned for the Gold version.   Internally,  we continue to look for ways to support these types of applications  with the Perceptual Computing SDK,  but as of right now the SDK is designed for desktop mode only.

Thanks for your question. 


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Thanks for the response.

Windows 8 and Metro Apps support DirectX 11.1 therefore 3D Stereoscopic views.
Getting the color and depth data in a Windows store app, would allow to create a 3D Stereoscopic view of the camera allowing it to display in any 3D monitor without hardware specific restrictions...

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