C# samples for Gesture/fingertracking sample

C# samples for Gesture/fingertracking sample

Hi all,

I have submitted the very basic application for competition which converts gestures into inputs to google earth software. I want to improve it more like implementing the features such as panning zooming etc. but c# gestures sample did not show any video output instead it is giving only text based output. If anyone can provide some sample code for gesture/finger tracking with video like the c++ examples, it would be ver helpful.

Check out my basic app video on YouTube:


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Assume you use Forms to render your image. Here are some code:

Bitmap m_bitmap;

private void Form_Paint(objectsender, PaintEventArgs e) {

    if(m_bitmap !=null) e.Graphics.DrawImage(m_bitmap, ClientRectangle);



public void RenderFrame(PXCMImage image)  {

    Bitmap bitmap;

    pxcmStatus sts=image.QueryBitmap(m_session,out bitmap);

    if (sts >= pxcmStatus.PXCM_STATUS_NO_ERROR) {

                m_bitmap =new Bitmap(bitmap);





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Hey Xintain,

Can you shed some more light on how we can create custom pinch to zoom gesture or any other?


I'm currently looking to write some instructions on how to create a simple gesture - this should hopefully clarify how to do this - and it's all C#.

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Thanks Pete, will be waiting for you post. Actually we can do some ramdom stuff but there is not clear instructions on how to acheive it. On top of it C# developers will have little disadvantage of lack of examples and documentations.

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