Defining code regions to profile

Defining code regions to profile

Is there any way to define code regions (functions, modules etc) or time frame to profile and ignore anything else. For instance, if I have an application which sets up a large collection of objects (which takes a lot of CPU resources) then runs a relatively fast function A and exits, can I make VTune ignore anything except for A? I know that it is possible to zoom in using the timeline, but I'd rather send notifications from the application. Something like:





Or it would be nice to somehow select functions/classes of interest.

Is it possible in VTune?

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Yes!  Please see the product documentation for information about the pause and resume functions (see Collection Control APIs).

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please read this link://

If works on Fortran code, please refer to this, in part 2.

Thank you all. __itt_pause() and __itt_resume() did the trick. Although I had to wrap them into a dll because I'm trying to profile a .NET app.


you are welcome.

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