MPSS on Red Hat 6.4 (Centos 6.4)

MPSS on Red Hat 6.4 (Centos 6.4)


I have to install MPSS on Red Hat 6.4 (CentOS 6.4) but at the moment only packages up to

6.3 are available. 

Any hint how to do this?

When will Red Hat 6.4 be supported?



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Informally, we heard 6.4 should be supported around mid-year, in case you don't get an authoritative response.

 support for RH 6.4 will come later this year.

From what we hear,  there have been some early reports of people successfully building MPSS from source on 6.4, and running with minimal issues, but this config hasn’t been validated by us.     To get you started, download the SOURCE package for RedHat at and follow the instructions in the readme (also on that page) for rebuilding the MPSS (I believe it's in section 9 of the current doc)

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