Problem with _Cilk_shared and big sized data

Problem with _Cilk_shared and big sized data

Dear All,

I am facing problem in using _Cilk_shared key word. It does not work for bigger arrays. The same program works well when you have small array size/data.

I am getting either the following error or an error suggesting to increase memory map area.

CARD--ERROR:1 myoiPageFaultHandler: 0x7fffff22a788 Out of Range!
CARD--ERROR:1 _myoiPageFaultHandler: 0x7fffff22a788 switch to default signal handle
CARD--ERROR:1 Segment Fault!

What can we do so that we can use _Cilk_shared with big data (larger arrays).



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Nähere Informationen zur Compiler-Optimierung finden Sie in unserem Optimierungshinweis.

Could you please post a reproducer for this issue? Also, which version of the compiler are you using? 

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