appmobi.redirect file to change project location?

appmobi.redirect file to change project location?


My project folder is c:\appmobi, which is different from my source control path.  I used to use a file called appmobi.redirect which had the path of my project in it with the appmobi xdk.  However, it doesn't seem to be working anymore.  Has the file been renamed?  How can I get it to work with my app under source control in a different path?


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Eh, I used a junction point to acheive the same goal.

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Hello Reid,

Look for a file named Intel_SDKConfig.props, located in your "home directory" (which is a function of your OS). This is a text file. Inside of it you will find a line that starts with the keyword WEBROOT. This keyword points to your XDK's project directory (which is probably c:\appmobi according to your post). Change this directory and it will change where the XDK looks for your project files.

You should probably copy all of your project files to the new location before you modify this entry and restart the XDK. Also, make sure you "kill" the little blue XDK helper app (icon) that you'll find in the system status bar (again, where that is depends on your OS).

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you can find new path of your project, when you open existing project

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