Using DirectShow filters with QSV

Using DirectShow filters with QSV


I am trying to use the GraphEdit to verify that DirectShow filters w/QuickSync will work for my application.  I am following this the DirectShow transcoding example but I am getting very jumpy video on my output when trying to play in quicktime.  It seems that the frames may be out of place.  Any ideas of what could be causing this?



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Hi Zach,

We are not aware of any issues for this workload. Just to make sure I created a few DirectShow pipelines, including the H.264/AAC -> MPEG2/MP3 pipeline you referred to. I did not see any issues with the generated content.

I suggest you use the latest release of the SDK, Media SDK 2013. Also make sure that your input content is not corrupted (eg. bad timestamps or corrupted frames etc.)


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