License VTune 2011 not working with VTune 2013

License VTune 2011 not working with VTune 2013


We have installed Vtune 2013 on our cluster, but the following error message appears :

"""Intel Vtune Amplifier XE 2013 cannot find valid license. Data cannot be displayed.""

""Error 0x4000001f (no valid license) -- Your support service licences "" expired. Buy a new license to use this version of the software.""

VTune 2011 works fine.

To my knowledge, licenses are not linked to product version. Did this policy change ?



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No, the policy did not change.  But the policy defines that you receive free upgrades for one year from the time of purchase.  If the build date of the software you are installing is past the end data of your support services, you cannot use the software.

If you would like us to look into your license status, please submit an issue at Intel Premier Support with your serial number.

Regards, MrAnderson

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