Complex dynamic shape for dynamic rigid body

Complex dynamic shape for dynamic rigid body


I'm working on complex destructible dynamic rigid bodies. Bodies have MOPP shape which is precalculated. I'm using BreakOffPartsUtil to detect high impulses and to perform deformations. Recalculating whole shape in BreakOffSubParts handler is way too slow.

I'm thinking of following, when deformation is detected:

1) Disable original damaged shape key in MOPP
2) Add deformed shape (body shape will contain list shape, list shape contains MOPP and new deformed shapes)
3) On background job thread: recalculate MOPP shape to include new deformed shapes)

Would it work?
Is it ok to put MOPP shape into list shape (together with other damaged shapes)?

Note: MOPP contains about 250 rigid bodies, collisions are occasional, rigid bodies motion and collision performance is fine (under 1ms, which is okay for me)

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It seems that I can't put MOPP and other shapes into list (because ShapeKeys aren't unique)...would it help when I put MOPP and other shapes into StaticCompound? It seems that it uses composite keys.

Hi Andy,

I haven't tried this for myself but nothing is immediately jumping out that says this won't work. Have you tried it out yet? Let us know if you come across any problems with this approach.

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