need help with havok content tools

need help with havok content tools

Hello, i am trying to mod my favorite game, skyrim, they use havok tools to build thier animations and behaviors, i am trying to build my own custom creature, with its own skeleton, animations, and behavior files, i have used your havok content tools for 3ds max 2012, i have tried to get it working or experimenting on what i can do, but nothing seems to work, any suggestions on what i can do?

**i have created a custom skeleton, and model for this.

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Hi Alex B.--

We do not provide Havok Behavior as part of the PCXS release, so it's not possible to modify character behaviors using this product.

More generally, PCXS is intended for new game development. Trying to mod any game that uses Havok would be a challenge without more information about how a particular engine uses Havok. Also, for NDA reasons, we're not able to provide information about any of our clients or their internal systems. It's possible that a studio might provide this information themselves, however, so you could try contacting Bethesda directly.

Best of luck,


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