Regarding OpenCL ICD

Regarding OpenCL ICD

I am using Intel sdk intel_sdk_for_ocl_applications_2013_xe_sdk_3.0.67279_x64 .
The Intel OpenCL ICD loader is searching /etc/OpenCL/vendors directory for intel64.icd file.
I wants to override this default location of search . Can I do that ? If yes how can we override
this location with someother location ?

I found an environment variable OCL_ICD_VENDORS for this . But for my case it is not working.

Please help.

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This location (/etc/OpenCL/vendors) is specified in Khronos ICD extension - and Intel OpenCL ICD loader is following it.

So, the only way to override this behavior is to search for alternative OpenCL ICD implementations which might allow to do that.


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