required client installs to run 32 bit application

required client installs to run 32 bit application

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I have a 32 bit application made up of several .net dll's as well as 1 fortran dll.  The fortran dll is compiled as 32 bit.

The app works for me (with the fortran compiler installed) but not on a client machine.  I copied the IA32 libs to the applications executable directory and everything started working.

My question is where can i find the 32 bit fortran redist installs for the clients to install?

I used the following link but that only gave me 64 bit and IA-32 bit.  I didn't think the IA-32 was the typical 32 bit redist.



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Yes, IA-32 means 32-bit. The article you cite says "Intel 64 and IA-32". Perhaps you're a bit confused by Intel's terminology here - if so, see

We have just one redistributable installer for both platforms.


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