keyword SAVE and DLLs

keyword SAVE and DLLs

This is a general question, with some specific implimentations.  I am building a fortran DLL that will be part of a much larger program (written in C++ and C#).  I want to retain some of the varaibles internally without having to re-compute them.  If I was building the program all myself I would simply use the 'SAVE' keyword.  Will that still work across the DLL interface?  I don't want my data to get corrupted without me knowing it.  And in a similar situation, if the variable I am 'SAVE'ing is allocatable?  Will it maintain its allocated nature and the data?  This is something I need to be sure about.

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If you're talking about calls to DLL routines from the same program run, then yes, SAVE is what you want. In this context it is no different from a static library. Yes, if you SAVE an ALLOCATABLE it will persist across calls.

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