Inversion of an Image

Inversion of an Image


I'm using Intel IPP 8.0 

In MKL you have the option to invert a Vector / Matrix.
What would be the fastest way to invert an image (1 ./ A, MATLAB) using Intel IPP?

I could only do it using Ln and Exp which is too slow.

Could you add a native Power and Inversion commands to IPP?

Thank You. 

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You can use ippsDivCRev function with a loop by rows (16u & 32f are supported only). For 8u the most easiest way is to create an image with the same size then use ippiSet to fill it with all ones and then use ippiDiv - it will several times faster than exp/ln approach.

regards, Igor

Take a look at ipps.h header files for a complete set of different IPP functions to do invert and the following operations should be supported:

// DivC(v,X,Y) : Y[n] = X[n] / v
// DivC(v,X) : X[n] = X[n] / v
// Div(X,Y) : Y[n] = Y[n] / X[n]
// Div(X,Y,Z) : Z[n] = Y[n] / X[n]


How come none / some of them are written in the official documentation?

Anyhow, none of them is a native "Image Inversion" and demand an image of "Ones" to be pre set.

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