Intel User and Reference Guide

Intel User and Reference Guide

Guys, is there a pdf or a single-page version of the CilkPlus User and Reference Guide? All I can find is this link

and I have to navigate the left panel (or I'm geekly-blind and cannot find the link)... I'd just like a single-page with everything on it.


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I'll check with the tech writer in the morning, but I don't believe that there is a single page version, neither HTML nor as a PDF.  The version at that URL does have a search function, which might help.

    - Barry

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No there isn't a single-page version unfortunately, but we've had that request before. I went to create one just now for you and I ran into a few snags, but I haven't yet given up. You might beat me though, by cutting and pasting into you're own document.

If you'd be willing to post you're reasons here it would help to bolster the case to publish this format on a regular basis. 

 - Todd

Hey, Todd. Thanks for trying :)

Well, the advantages of having one document are the usual: page numbers, for one. Portability, sending the whole thing by email, keeping previous versions, annotating, printing, etc.

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