Intel CE5300 not able force to reboot

Intel CE5300 not able force to reboot


could any one share or describe how to force reboot a CE5300 board?

It gets stuck: on any valid CF9 I know and also using "reboot -f". Is there any other valid sequence to force reboot this SoC, but not included in SDK I have?



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Hi Marcin,

I know that a hard reset should work without problems. This being an SoC the soft reset sequence can however be a bit compelx and thus what you see may indeed be a reference software stack issue.

I contacted the AE team for this platform. They may ask you to resubmit your question through a different channel, but they should be able to assist you.

Thanks, Rob


Hi Rob,

thank you.


Hi Marcin,

if you received your platform from Intel you should have access to an Intel Premier Support account and product entry for for Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor CE5300 based refernce platform you have.  ( or Please check with your Intel AE/FAE/FSE if you don't have access.

Otherwise you should contact the manufacturer/distributor that you received/purchased  your platform from.

The information that will be good to provide to either support channel is:

  • The exact name and type of the board as well as the SDK number.
  • Version of the 8051 firmware.

My guess is that you will require a firmware update.

Thanks, Rob


Hi Marcin,

                  Could you please let me know the error message that you are seeing in the Teraterm/Minicom client when you start the CE5300 board?

It would be great if you can send the logs of the Minicom/Teraterm too.


Sukruth H V

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