mkl_intel_thread.dll is missing in Release mode

mkl_intel_thread.dll is missing in Release mode

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I am trying to compile my code on Windows 7 (64-bit) with MSVS 2010 and Intel Fortran 2013. In my code I called mkl library and I selected the option "Use Intel Math Kernel Library" in projection property. In the debug mode, the code runs well. But when I run the application compiled with release mode, error jumps up and says"program can't start because the mkl_intel_thread.dll is missing".  How can I fix it?


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You could copy that file from the intel redist folder to your program's release bin folder. I guess there's a way to get VS to copy it automatically but it doesn't do that for me either so I copy the dll (in my case just libiomp5md.dll) manually.

If the file is there, make sure it's not the 32-bit one.

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or just update the systems environment variables

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Why the compiler in debug mode can find MKL library but the release mode can't?  

I used command "mklvars ..." to setup the environment variable, but it didn't work too. Should I manually add environment variables? 

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