x64 Output in Visual Studio Debugger

x64 Output in Visual Studio Debugger

I am having trouble with output to the console window when running debug through Visual Studio.

When I compile the program under the Win32 platform, output gets printed to the Output Window tab during debugging.  When I compile the program under the x64 platform, however, I cannot get anything to print to the Output Window tab (or anywhere else) when I run the code in the Visual Studio debugger.  There are no problems with output when I run the executable outside of Visual studio, or by choosing "Start without debugging."

I have noticed that Visual Studio seems to load DLLs from the Windows\System32 folder when I try to debug the program after compiling using the x64 platform, whereas it uses DLLs from the Windows\SysWOW64 filder when I compile it with the Win32 platform instead.

I have been researching this and haven't found a solution that seems to consistently work.  Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you!

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I've never seen such a problem before. Is it that the window gets no output or that the window disappears after the program finishes?

Steve - Intel Developer Support

The program opens a console window, but it remains completely blank.  The Output Window tab within Visual Studio also remains blank when I compile with the x64 platform.  However, everything prints out to the Output Window tab when I compile with the Win32 platform, just as it would to the console when run outside of Visual Studio.  The Command Window and Intermediate Window tabs within Visual Studio also remain blank.

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