Mpeg2 Splitter/Demuxer doesn't parse Mpeg4 (part2) video from MpegPS stream

Mpeg2 Splitter/Demuxer doesn't parse Mpeg4 (part2) video from MpegPS stream


I am using Mpeg2 Splitter from IPP7.1. I was trying to parse Mpeg4 video (part2) from the Mpeg2PS stream but it is unable to do that. Then I check and found that it is mentioned as a limitation in IPP samples documentation:  [While parsing MPEG2PS the Demuxer does not detect elementary streams of the following types: AAC audio, MPEG4 video, H264 video]

On the other hand, it is mentioned in the UMC manual document that:  [Following types of video are supported in UMC::ThreadedDemuxer: MPEG1[ISOIEC93_2],  MPEG2[ISOIEC96],  MPEG4[ISOIEC_Visual],  H.261[ITUH261],  H.263[ITUH263],  H.264[ITUH264]]

So it was bit confusing. But any way, I would like to know if there is any other reference/samples in IPP which can give some guidelines/hints for implementing the Mpeg4 parsing from Mpeg2PS.

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The UMC sample in the IPP 8.0 is now put into legacy sample now. there will have no further development on these sample now. If you want to use these sample, you need further development based on the current code.


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