Possible to include Call Stack from -report

Possible to include Call Stack from -report


The report files from -report action includes source file and line-number of the offending statement. The corresponding call trace is viewable from Intel-Inspector GUI. Not every developer has a copy of the Inspector on their workstation. Is it possible to produce report including call-stack with inspxe-cl or other command-line tools?



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Update 8 has a new '-report-all' option that will print stacks ( http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/whats-new-update-8-intel-inspec... ).

Example usage: inspxe-cl -report problems -report-all

Thanks Mark.

If your version is older than update 8, you can try "-verbose" option instead of "-report-all". In U8, both commands work.

For example,

# inspxe-cl -report problems -verbose -r r002mi3/

# inspxe-cl -report problems -report-all -r r002mi3/

You can see more global options in detail by using "# inspxe-cl -help report"

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