Support for the Express version of Visual Studio

Support for the Express version of Visual Studio

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Is Intel planning to support the Express version of Visual Studio 2013? I downloaded the latest Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE for Windows (incl VS shell 2013), but it doesn't recognise my VS Express 2013.

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I don´t think that this is possible even when Intel wants to support the expess versions.

The Visual Studio Express Versions are just for getting used to the .NET languages and they don´t offer the capabilities of the non-express Visual Studio Versions. And one feature of non express Visual Studio is that 3rd party vendors like Intel can integrate their compiler into the IDE or creating soultions with IVF and C++/C#/VB projects.

But IVF has a Visual Studio Shell so you could use this without buying a Visual Studio license. Mixed language solutions aren´t possible here too.


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Microsoft does not permit third-party products to integrate with the VS Express system. All of our documentation says that if you have a separate VS install, the Professional Edition or higher is required to get integration. With a VS Express, all you can get to work is command line builds.  As Markus says, we provide VS2010 Shell.

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Thanks Markus and Steve

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