Debug mic in Windows7

Debug mic in Windows7

 When I typed   "micnativeloadex MyTest -d 0" in Windows 7 to debug  MyTest.exe ( mic + OpenMP), I got the error  message below:

Unable to create remote process.

ssh to the coprocessor and run ps to verify the coi_daemon

is executing.

It may be necessary to restart the mpss service.

     But there is no problem to run mic+openmp application.  I follow Intel debugger extersion for Intel MIC -VC2012. But it did work. How to debug it?

Thank you in advance.

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Few MIC experts will be watching this unmoderated forum.   I'm surprised that the MIC Windows forum appears to have been cancelled; you might ask about that on the general MIC forum.

I'm not sure that your terminology is clear.  I suppose you are using OpenMP offload extensions.  If you are running on MIC alone, it may be better to use native debugging.

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