H264 Reverse Playback with IPP h264 decoder?

H264 Reverse Playback with IPP h264 decoder?

 Hi there,

I am using IPP v7.0 H264 Decoder. I would like to decode video in reverse and play it back backwards. Is this possible with IPP h264 decoder, ie. can it decode frames properly if they come in a reverse order? Generally I am interested in your experiences with this problem? I already have some ideas of how it could be done, but first I'd like to hear what do you think?



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You need to backup to the previous I-frame, decode it, then all P-frames to the next I-frame, then playback the bitmaps in reverse. If interlaced, and I-frames alternate even/odd, you must backup to previous even I-frame, then decode forward across two I-frame/P-frames groups.

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