Why don't VTune Amplifier run out?

Why don't VTune Amplifier run out?

    Hello everyone ! 

    I put a serial program modifications for parallel programs with Intel TBB.Now the serial program is running one hour,and the parallel program is running just 10 minutes. Analyze the serial program with VTune Amplifier is OK!    But analyze the parallel program with VTune Amplifier is hard. After the program is running out,the VTune Amplifier is finalizing results and loading '6684-1264.0.trace'file  forever,i look at the 'data.0' folder,there are so many '.cs' and '.th'file,but the serial program's 'data.0' folder is not have so many files. What should i do ?

    Thank you!

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> the VTune Amplifier is finalizing results and loading '6684-1264.0.trace'file  forever

You may split normal data collection into two steps:

1. amplxe-cl -collect concurrency -no-auto-finalize -r r000cc-- program ; collection

2. ampxe-cl -finalize -r r000cc ; finalization

Finalization stage may take long time, but your can see the progress number on working modules.

Frank.F, can you tell how many files do you have in data.0 folder? What is its size?

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