hppiSad and negative scale

hppiSad and negative scale


I faced with a problem when using hppiSad function, if I'm using positive scale - it's OK, but when I'm using negative scale - I get an error state from hppWait (error code -5). But there is no error code with this number in the HPP_STATUS enum. Does hppiSad support negative scale?

Thanks, Sergey

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this is the issue. the negative scale should be supported. we will check the problem on our side.

Thanks for the answer.

Sergey, after some clarifications with developer of this code, I should say, that the negative scale is not supported. the documentation would be updated accordingly.  Thanks, Gennady

Thanks for spotting the issue. Unfortunately, negative scale values are not supported for hppiSAD functionality. In the future release, the issue with -5 error code will be fixed: the function will return HPP_STATUS_PARAM_UNSUPPORTED code for negative scale values, and the corresponding information will be added to the documentation.

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