Internal Intel users of INDE: Read Me!

Internal Intel users of INDE: Read Me!

Bild des Benutzers Neal Pierman (Intel)


If you are an internal Intel employee trying to use INDE, your username is "MAD\<my-idsid>", and your password is your normal corporate login password. This will be required both when you initially download INDE, and when you attempt to download or install products. If you have any other password issues, please contact the Intel support team, as the INDE team cannot reset your password or provide any additional information about your account and password.

Also, if you are an internal Intel user of INDE, please do not post question, issues, or suggestions on these customer-visible forums. Instead, use the internal Inside Blue forums for this (send me a private message if you can't find the INDE forum).



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