KernelBuilder Error & Crash

KernelBuilder Error & Crash


When I try to select a Kernel in the Kernel Builder (Analyze or Debug), I get the error message: "Failed to get variable array length from 32". This has happened with every Kernel I´ve tried so far. One of the most basic Kernels to exhibit this behavier is:

typedef unsigned int uint32;

__kernel void globalAtomics(__global uint32 * globalCounter) {

Furthermore Kernel Builder will crash while building the following kernel for HD Graphics 4600:

__kernel void globalAtomics(__global int * globalCounter) {

The same Code will compile for the CPU. 

I have attached screenshots of both errors. Reinstalling the Intel OpenCL SDK does not change this behavior. I am using the latest version of the runtime & SDK on Windows 7 64 Bit.

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Sorry for the delay. Thanks for your report.

For the first case I had better luck without the typedef, but otherwise no issue.

__kernel void globalAtomics(__global unsigned int * globalCounter) {

I'm checking whether there are any known limitations to Kernel Builder's parsing capabilities.

For the second case, I have not been able to reproduce the crash with the latest runtime and SDK on a system with an HD 4600 GPU.

Just to make sure we're working with the same versions, could you send the OpenCL install version from C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\OpenCL SDK\?.?\version.txt and the graphics driver version from device manager or capsbasic?

Regards, Jeff


Thanks for the reply Jeff.

This is the content of the version.txt:



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