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Accessing APIs
Like I mentioned in the previous article, APIs are just like a webpage, but only return specific data either in XML or JSON format as defined by the API documentation. So, the way to access APIs is by HTTP requests. Javascript provides an object - XMLHttpRequest often also called XHR - for...
Developing with HTML5 for POEM
As applications expand into the mobile phones’ and devices’ market, languages, runtimes and technologies have been developed to complement this shift from stationary platforms to portable and dynamic form factors. One of these runtime technologies is Adobe* Integrated Runtime (AIR*) software, which...
An HTML5 Project with Chromium Embedded Framework Actions
Building a Windows application with HTML5 & Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) When it comes to building a Windows application to implement your HTML5 project outside of a standard browser, a few resources is needed.
HTML5 Canvas Charts with jqPlot
As web frameworks progress for broader future appeal and use, jQuery has been expanding with various plug-ins from notifications to exporting and even to include the flexibility of charting static data as well as dynamic JSON-formatted objects. jqPlot is a jQuery plug-in that allows for data to be...
Integrating Facebook* Functionality into Hybrid Apps Using the Intel XDK
This document will illustrate how to add Facebook functionality to your application using the Intel XDK. It will start by introducing the commands in the intel.xdk JavaScript Bridge Library used to access Facebook, continue on to demonstrate how to set up the features on Facebook's developer page,...
Adding List view content using App Framework Actions
List view content is added inside the panel with unordered list item ul or ordered list item ol with class="list". With class="list", App Framework applies style to the list items.
Creating Content Using Panels with App Framework Actions
Once you create a basic page structure described in Getting Started with App Framework 2.0, you can use panels to put information and controls that you want your app to manage. Panels are individual content areas for your app that reside within the content div.
Migrating Apps from the Intel® HTML5 Development Environment Beta to the new Intel® XDK and App Dev Center
Steps to back up applications from Intel® HTML5 Development Environment Beta: 1) Launch the Beta Site from and sign in using your credentials. It is now called the “Legacy Beta Environment” – click on the “Launch now” button 2) Enter into editing mode through “...
Next Level App Design with CSS3 Animations
Take advantage of CSS3 to more easily create animations that offer a fluid user experience.
Smarter Web Apps with Powerful New JavaScript APIs
Push the boundaries of web app interactivity with new JavaScript APIs and blur the lines between web and native apps.
HTML5 and CSS3
This video will give you an introduction to CSS three and how it's used in HTML5 application
HTML5 Storage
The video gives an overview of local storage, indexdb and WebSQL