Format of input files

Format of input files

Hi,Mi question concerns the format of input files.I remarked that, in sequence descriptions, lines contain at most 70 characters, will it always be the case?Thanks,Jrmie Decouchant.

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I don't think that we should assume that the lines contain at most 70 characters as this is specified nowhere. In fact, some of the files on have longer lines. This link is from a thread about input files on the English forum (

Be in safe and not stuck to 70 characters per line , it isn't computationallyintensive to handle other cases :)

hello,normallythe size of thelines donothave tochangebut you bettertry to dowith lines ofdifferent sizesalso containingcharactersnotto be desired.For your informations, theintelprogram cleaning sequences

i dont think so... its better you be ready for deal with biggest sequences

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