Error playing sound from encapsulated app

Error playing sound from encapsulated app

Hello, I have a problem playing sounds in an application. I'm developing an application that need play sounds through flash or HTML. The app has been tested in others webkit navigators and works fine. But if I encapsule the app, the sounds are not played. I have another application encapsulated that consist in a iframe with an address bar that works like a browser. If I run the app unencapsulated in this browser, the sound works perfectly (Flash and HTML). The question is, why the sounds is played fine running the application unencapsulated and does not work if the app is encapsulated? The urls to the sounds are relatives. Thanks.
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There is some problem with encapsulating thing ,that depend on Encapsulator,there are two encapsulator.
one is for window xp and one is window 7.
Please check that might be that will help you to fix the problem.

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