Contest already closed??

Contest already closed??

It was said that the contest would be closed about half an hour from now... Why does it already report that it is closed?

curl -F "file=@**.zip" -L
succes - the contest is now closed, but you will receive a report.

success - md5 hash of your file is **<br/>
the results of the benchmarks will be uploaded to :
<a target=_new href=**>** </a>


Rock the bits!
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This might prove to be a problem for us too. We submitted twice in the last hour, both of those with a report saying the contest is closed. The last submission before that wouldn't compile...

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I'm sorry for you, I was lucky, having submitted a running version 3 hours earlier...
My final submisson did not get executed yet... I wonder if it even arrived on the cluster

Rock the bits!

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