Winners announced!

Winners announced!

So the wait is over.

List of winners:

Congratulations to all winners, and thanks from our team "Trolologic" for challenging competition! Hope to see you on the next contest.

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Thanks to all! The contest was amazing. So, we will be glad to use ultrabooks :)

Also, congratulations from out team.

Since this is our first time at this contest, I'm very pleased with it, especially because this is a rare place where you can fully use your creativity.

Regards to all.

Congratulations to all the contestants.

I especially want to thank all the students who took some time to post on this forum. Helping other contestant is the spirit of this contest.


Congratulations to everyone from our team too. The results were quite a surprise. We hope we'll see each other next time :)

Best regards,


Hello everybody!!

Congratulations to all the contestants. I'm very glad to be part of winners!

Thank you to the organizers of the contest!

Axel Shaïta, U.F.R Sciences Reims

Gangratulation to all the winners, next times I will be in the list inchALlah !


Congratulations everyone! 

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