Intel® Cluster Ready Partner Newsletter Q2 2013 - Partner Highlights

IBM Joins the Intel® Cluster Ready Partner Family

We are excited about the latest Intel® Cluster Ready certification on the following IBM products:

1) IBM system x iDataPlex cluster bundled with IBM Platform HPC software. Since Platform HPC is Intel Cluster Ready compliant, customers choosing IBM system x iDataPlex cluster and Platform HPC bundled solution can help user rapidly deploy a cluster certified by Intel Cluster Ready program.

2) IBM Platform Cluster Manager – Standard Edition V4.1. Platform Cluster Manager – Standard Edition is ease to use, powerful cluster management software. Combining embedded xCAT technology and a user friendly web interface, the latest release of Platform Cluster Manager – Standard Edition offers increased scalability up to 1,000 nodes and a simplified cluster management experience for technical computing users of all sizes.

By certifying clusters with Intel Cluster Ready, technical computing users can be assured of the consistency of their computing environment throughout the cluster life cycle, which, in turn, helps deliver consistent system performance.

Adding to the excitement is the recent launch of HPC Cloud project at Clausthal University and Technology in Germany, the cloud environment is managed by software solution from IBM. The project is implemented jointly by Transtec, an Intel Cluster Ready certified IT solution provider, and Clausthal University and Technology. The cloud management stack from IBM includes:

New FUJITSU Software HPC Cluster Suite

As an essential component of all High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions from Fujitsu, the new HPC Cluster Suite (HCS) is a comprehensive software stack that consists of a set of fully validated HPC software components. HCS incorporates easy-to-use cluster management along with the choice of most popular workload managers and general HPC Open Source Software ensuring optimal usage of the Fujitsu PRIMERGY x86 hardware platforms. As a key element of the Intel® Cluster Ready validation process, the embedded Intel® Cluster Checker helps to verify that cluster components continue working together throughout the cluster lifecycle, to increase uptime, productivity, and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

Furthermore, the inclusion of an intuitive graphical end-user interface simplifies the usage of the HPC resources. New and occasional users, as well as seasoned HPC users, will find this interface used for preparing, launching and monitoring their work intuitive and simple to use. The ability to share and exchange documents, access user guides, collaborate with other team members through the use of Forums, Wikis and Knowledge base are some of the mechanisms used to promote HPC application and results sharing.

General availability of the new FUJITSU Software HPC Cluster Suite is planned for end of May 2013. Read the press release.

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