Can't find the event ‘L2_LINES_IN.SELF.ANY’

Can't find the event ‘L2_LINES_IN.SELF.ANY’

I installed vtune_amplifier xe 2013 in my PC ( Intel 4core CPU) with Ubuntu kernel. Below are my quetions.

The event ‘L2_LINES_IN.SELF.ANY’ used to get L2 cache can’t be found in linux

We don’t know whether the method getting L2 cache miss can be used on multiple threads (L2 cache miss =L2_LINES_IN.SELF.ANY/INST_RETIRED.ANY?).

Thanks very much for any suggestions.

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Do you mean in GUI?

use 'amplxe-cl'

Different processor will have different event name for L2_LINES_IN to measure L2 cache miss. My box is Sandybridge:

# amplxe-runss -event-list | grep L2_LINES_IN

So you can use L2_LINES_IN.ALL, in my case.

Sorry did not see that thread starter uses Linux.

And, don't forget to review our tuning guides for proper analysis of specific microarchitecture issues!

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