contacts Object

Access the default contacts database on a device from an application


The contacts object gives programmers access to the default contacts database on the native device. The application must be built with the appropriate permissions in order for this capability to work. Each contact object has the following attributes: id, first, last, name (an array of names), phones (an array of phone numbers), emails (an array of email addresses), addresses (an array of addresses in the following format: { street:'%@', city:'%@', state:'%@', zip:'%@', country:'%@' })

IMPORTANT: The Intel XDK legacy build options that support the APIs described in this document, have been deprecated and will be retired. Some of the APIs described in this document have been converted into Cordova-compatible plugins and are available in open-source repositories hosted on the site. Those open-source repos can be included as third-party plugins in your Cordova app and contain all the pertinent documentation regarding the APIs that have been ported to Cordova (see Adding Plugins to Your Intel® XDK Cordova* App for information on including third-party plugins as part of your app.) Note that not all of the APIs described in this document have been converted to Cordova-compatible plugins, see the individual repos for API details.



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