Executables in the application are linked with -lVTcs and the same additional parameters as listed in Single-process Tracing. It is possible to have processes implemented in different languages, as long as they use the same version of the libVTcs.

The VTserver has the following synopsis:

VTserver <contact infos> [config options]

Each contact info is guaranteed to be one word and their order on the command line is irrelevant. The configuration options can be specified on the command line by adding the prefix -- and listing its arguments after the keyword. This is an example for contacting two processes and writing into the file example.stf in STF format:

VTserver <contact1> <contact2> --logfile-name example.stf

All options can be given as environment variables. The format of the configuration file and the environment variables are described in more detail in the chapter about VT_CONFIG.

See Also

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