About Microsoft Visual Studio* Integration

Any development task is simplified if both your program and the tools are available from the same interface. Intel® Advisor integrates into Microsoft Visual Studio*, allowing you to create and parallelize your program within a single environment. Intel Advisor extends Visual Studio to integrate its menus, toolbar, workflow tab, and result tab:

Example integration with Microsoft Visual Studio


From Visual Studio, to:

  • Display the Advisor Workflow, click Tools > Intel Advisor XE 2015 > Open Advisor Workflow menu item
  • Launch Intel Advisor tools, click Tools > Intel Advisor XE 2015 These tools run with your application's executable (target) to collect data, which is displayed in the result tab.


Use the toolbar to view the Getting Started page (Intel Advisor XE icon or icon), display the Advisor Workflow, launch Intel Advisor tools, specify project properties, and view a summary report. With Visual Studio 2012 or 2013, click to display a drop-down list:

Intel Advisor toolbar in Visual Studio 2012

Use the:

  • Visual Studio Solution Explorer to specify build settings, set the startup project, add files to projects, and so on.
  • Advisor Workflow to guide you through the recommended workflow. It helps you launch Intel Advisor tools and view tool reports.

Use the Output window to view output from Visual Studio or Intel Advisor tool analysis.

Use the result tab to view the data collected by each Intel Advisor tool while running the startup project. There is one result for each startup project. To display a context menu, right-click the displayed data or code in the various result windows.

Intel Advisor also supports a standalone GUI interface and a command-line interface.

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