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  1. Velocity feedback and bouncing with Character Rigid Body


    ision normals on small steps with the character rigid body, I have lowered my world collision tolerance from 0.1 to 0.01. I realize that if this number were large the ...

  2. CharacterRigidBody Issue - Intel® Developer Zone


    Mar 24, 2014 ... Hi,. I'm making a First-Person shooter and am using hkpCharacterRigidBody for the controls. I have one small issue though, I've noticed the ...

  3. CharacterRigidBody problem - Intel® Developer Zone


    5. Juli 2011 ... I'm new to Havok (and physics engines), been working with it a few weeks, and came across a problem when working with a ...

  4. Can't Character Rigid Body walk up spiral stair in Demo?


    15. Okt. 2009 ... Hi. I just play Character Proxy VS Rigid Body Demo. Are there problems? Why can't CRB walk up a spiral stair? Is it a known issue or meant to ...

  5. A Small Bug in CharacterRigidBody/CharacterControl Demo


    11. Mai 2009 ... There is a small bug in the demos of CharacterRigidBody. In the code that "skips frames in air", it remembers old skips, and therefore gives ...

  6. How Can I make a characterRigidBody never jump?


    Sep 17, 2010 ... Hi, me againThis time I want make my characterRigidBody run at a slope.And I have some question about the docs.

  7. Prevent CharacterRigidBody from standing on top of one another


    24. Juni 2010 ... Is there anyway to prevent CharacterRigidBodies from standing on top of one another? We're using a capsule shape. Not sure what other ...

  8. Question about Character Rigidbody - Intel® Developer Zone


    8. Sept. 2010 ... It says the character rigid body has an infinite inertia tensor, it cannot rotate, does this mean I can't rotate the character rigid body even I apply ...

  9. replacing m_character in hkpCharacterRigidBody with an inherited ...


    Mar 13, 2014 ... I've inherited both of the classes hkpRigidBody and hkpCharacterRigidBody to RigidBody and CharacterRigidBody respectively. I noticed that ...

  10. Rigid Body Character Controller oddities - Intel® Developer Zone


    12. Mai 2009 ... So I have switched to using a character rigid body for a couple of reasons. And now, turns out, my character rigid bodies are changing states ...

  11. Confuse question about Character controller - Intel® Developer Zone


    3. Jan. 2011 ... In havok there has two character controller, CharacterRigidBody and CharacterProxyAnd now I do a test with these two kinds of controller, and ...

  12. Character Controller problems - Intel® Developer Zone


    10. Aug. 2008 ... Create character rigid body { // Construct a shape hkVector4 top(0,0, .4f); hkVector4 bottom(0,0,-.4f); // Create a capsule to represent the ...

  13. Correct way to load a rigid body from a flie - Intel® Developer Zone


    4. Dez. 2010 ... I ask because I'm running into difficulty attempting to "convert" the standard rigid body to a character rigid body, but in all honesty I'm not sure of ...

  14. Colliding Characters move each other - Intel® Developer Zone


    Apr 27, 2009 ... If any of them move (including, in this case, the character rigid body), the ... If you didn't care about the character rigid body colliding at all with ...

  15. MovingSupportRB Demo: What is the m_bodyType map used for?


    27. Apr. 2012 ... By default, the character rigid body controller ... MovingSupportRbDemo is used to store whether or not the character rigid body controller ...

  16. character falling from rigid body


    21. Sept. 2008 ... The character rigid body is part of the physics simulation and should work ... applyHardKeyFrame() and a character rigid body standing on top.

  17. my character is pushed from moving platform. - Intel® Developer Zone


    22. Dez. 2009 ... Physics/Use Case/Character Control/Character Rigid Body/Moving ... you should be using a character proxy instead of a character rigid body?

  18. Character changing states rapidly - Intel® Developer Zone


    Apr 23, 2009 ... The Character Rigid Body is better if you have lots of characters ... There were some changes in the Character Rigid Body to give it better ...

  19. Locking Rotation Axes by Setting the Inverse Inertia Tensor


    Feb 3, 2014 ... Also, the character rigid body configures the rigid body solving so that tunneling through other objects is impossible even with very fast ...

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