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  1. (Potential) PCM v2.9 CSV output bug


    18. Sept. 2015 ... In v2.9 of the Performance Counter Module, the first header field in the CSV output (using the -csv= option) is missing a number of semicolons ...

  2. Bug in PCM CSV formatting


    16. Okt. 2015 ... Hi, While monitoring with Intel PCM I noticed there's a minor bug in CSV output format, which doesn't shift the top most header to align correctly ...

  3. Unable to upload CSV file for the product keys.


    16. Aug. 2012 ... How to upload CSV file with the product keys. Under application keys nothing comes up. Besides if I go to the option which says this application ...

  4. Is there benefit to converting my program .CSV text-file output to xml ...


    Oct 7, 2013 ... The CSV files will give fluid-property data for collections of mesh cells. So something like the following example. Cell Group 1 (Axial Coordinate ...

  5. reading fron CSV files


    8. Febr. 2005 ... Saving an xls file in csv format "Looks" like it only writes a text file with comma delimited fields. However, (at least using cvf 6.6) when this file is ...

  6. Command line reports matching gui


    26. Juni 2015 ... amplxe-cl -report hw-events -r report -format csv -csv-delimiter ... all rows, and exporting to CSV, but it is very time consuming (the tool keeps ...

  7. cilkview/gnuplot errors on Cilk++ SDK for Linux


    8. Jan. 2010 ... gnuplot> plot [0:16] [0:16] x title "parallelism" lt 2, 2.012881 notitle lt 2, "qsort.csv" using 1:2 title "burdened speedup" with lines lt 1, "qsort.csv" ...

  8. Strange errors with stream I/O


    Hello, I was experimenting with different ways to read a CSV file and found that this program terminates on a rather unconspicuous location in the file: ...

  9. License conditions for IEC SDK samples


    19. Jan. 2012 ... For that purpose, I would like to know the conditions under which we can modify and publish the source code of samples like the PL CSV ...

  10. Using Performance Counter To Measure various parameters in ...


    20. Apr. 2015 ... I am trying to use the -csv option to store the results into .csv for doing ... does the program follow while printing the values into the CSV file.

  11. Intel PCM Syntax for Linux


    9. Juli 2014 ... -csv or /csv => print compact csv format. Example: pcm.x 1 -nc -ns. I'm trying to measure the counters values before and after my program run, ...

  12. Surfing the call graph in the text mode.


    Mar 4, 2003 ... S # top 10 functions with biggest ?Self Time?, which is the 5-th column in library # ?libc? grep libc MyAppPath1_func.csv | sort -k 6 -n -t; -r | head ...

  13. MKL libary on AMD laptop


    4. Okt. 2009 ... ... -lpthread but I get errors while compiling the code, it says that blas functions unavailable. can someone help ? csv.

  14. Question about Intel Performance Counter Monitor


    31. Okt. 2014 ... The idea is that the csv output should be simple for automatic ... You can find a full list of descriptions for the columns in the csv file in this blog.

  15. viewing created xml fles


    19. Sept. 2012 ... I can create xml from command line runs, but what about viewing them? The same can be said of csv files, but let us just take xml files first.

  16. Deutsch


    Dec 2, 2010 ... The CSV file tells you what Serial Numbers you have. Using the contents of this file which include upgraded and non-upgraded serial numbers, ...

  17. Report Sort Order on Severity


    21. Febr. 2014 ... Hello, I tried the -sort-asc and -sort-desc on severity. inspxe-cl -report problems - report-all -format csv -report-output ...

  18. Perfmon PCM Plugin - Zero Values/Gaps occur with certain counters


    27. Juli 2014 ... @Roman, now that I know how to put the pcm.exe output in a csv file, ... I included "Intel PCM" and "CSV" in the title under the assumption that ...

  19. parallel_pipeline implementation


    3. Juni 2013 ... ofstream o("testing sinewave.csv");. int counter=0; while(counter<150000) { // cout <<"value of counter is \t" <<counter << endl;. MyBuffer *b=new ...

  20. Help with understanding vtune results


    25. März 2012 ... I get the result attached as csv file. Can you please help me with pointers to what i can do now to improve the speed of the program.

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