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  1. Excel call to Fortran DLL function with array argument


    Dec 7, 2004 ... The question is how do I declare this array in the corresponding Excel add-in and how do I have to declare the array in the Fortran routine?

  2. how to send a VBA dynamic array to a fortran dll


    15. Dez. 2006 ... hello again, i am still trying to send a vba dynamic array to a fortran ... Einstieg in die Druckabsenkung1-Dll fr Excel: "Pseudo-Hauptprogramm".

  3. VB.NET to Fortran Arrays


    Oct 22, 2012 ... I neet to retrieve calculation results in an array, created by the Fortran ... makes a dll out of fortran, and I call a routine in the dll from Excel VBA.

  4. question about pardiso arguments at solving phase


    5. Sept. 2015 ... I'm sure I need to pass it the pt(:) array from the factoring phase, but do I ... routines are exported as follows so I can call them from Excel VBA.

  5. Problem with Visual Basic Calling Fortran DLL


    1. Sept. 2001 ... I am using Excel as a front end interface to some Fortran routines. I can pass double precision numbers and integers but cannot pass arrays.

  6. Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows*


    23. Okt. 2014 ... ... as for example Excel (and other modern languages) are very handy at reading ... I am dynamically allocating some arrays in my code as:.

  7. what's wrong with this IF statement


    25. Aug. 2015 ... Also possible is array bounds overrun, especially since your code ... in the relevant subroutine, start debugging Excel/your code, when that ...

  8. forrtl: severe (67): input statement requires too much data


    17. Sept. 2015 ... ... ways such as spreadsheets (Excel), math packages (MATLAB/Octave), .... If the variable Lat is a pointer or an allocatable array, and it has not ...

  9. parallel random number generation


    Jun 13, 2011 ... I was happy to see Excel using 11 cores at rougly 80% for a couple of .... Once random numbers are available in array r you can process them ...

  10. need help calling C from Fortran


    29. Aug. 2015 ... My eventual build target is a DLL which will be called from Excel ... the real and imag components being passed in using separate real arrays.

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