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  1. Passing Array of Characters To VBA using a DLL

    9. Nov. 2010 ... Passing Array of Characters I have been trying to pass a character array from FORTRAN DLL to VBA Excel but I havent had any luck Is there an ...

  2. Using Fortran dll in VBA of Excel 2010

    3. März 2015 ... Hello every one, I am trying to use Fortran dll in VBA of Excel 2010, but I have a problem now. I want to get virtual array as returned value, but ...

  3. Export Fortran arrays during debug in Visual Studio 2012 - Fortran ...

    Dec 1, 2015 ... I would like to export some array for comparing reason. The export ... What I need to do is export this array someway (text file, excel, matlab.

  4. save the array to a txt file

    I would add that if you want to read it into Excel, then tab-delimited text is ... I know Intel has a library, named intel array visualizer, which is good enough.

  5. Passing VBA UDT with arrays to Fortran?

    1. Jan. 2006 ... Is it possible to pass a Microsoft Excel 2003VBA User Defined Data Type ... which includes numeric arrays to Fortran with Intel Visual Fortran?

  6. Visual Fortran dll call from Excel/VBA

    Need some help with how to call Visual Fortran dll from Excel/VBA. ... arrays can be send to Fortran by giving the first element and the length of array in VB call.

  7. Viewing arrays with debugger

    I know how to view an array that's small enough to be expanded in the Watch ... cut and paste the array or part of it to an excel spreadsheet to check calculations,  ...

  8. CPU Utilization for Excel -> Fortran DLL

    5. Febr. 2001 ... The Excel spreadsheet/DLL runs fast on the Win 2000 CVF computer .... in Excel 97 by updating the array formula call within the spreadsheet.

  9. Reading/Writing to/from Excel

    20. Mai 2002 ... I have to define range by (i,j) because size of array is defined at running time. Then, is there anybody knows how we can use (i,j) or RnCn format ...

  10. SafeArrayGetElement isn't getting anything

    13. Apr. 2015 ... I have been doing some programming with mixed languages (VSTO, VBA for Excel(R) + Fortran) for almost 2 years and I hadn't needed to use ...

  11. question about pardiso arguments at solving phase

    5. Sept. 2015 ... I'm sure I need to pass it the pt(:) array from the factoring phase, but do I ... routines are exported as follows so I can call them from Excel VBA.

  12. debugger Watch numeric values in IVF 11.1.046

    Since "the array-visualizer does not work on WinXP64", I copy the array values to Excel. Since the numbers now contain D, I need to do a global replace. Abhi.

  13. 64bit Fortran DLL works when called from VBA but not from VB.NET

    28. Sept. 2015 ... In 64bit OS, VBA (64bit Excel) works fine, but VB. ... works just fine without _c_float and _c_int attributes in the fortran side and with 2D arrays.

  14. Passing arrays from Visual BASIC 6.0 to a CVF dll.

    29. Jan. 2001 ... The manual says to pass the first element of the array and the ... I have an Excel VBA routine that calls a Fortran DLL, passing several 2-d ...

  15. where is problem in this code?

    12. Jan. 2011 ... ... output file and need simple code for read data that highlited and list in new file as xy (two colume for excel) ... 15. read(iunit,'(5f14.0)') array.

  16. One subroutine calling another subroutine within a Fortran DLL

    Jan 25, 2011 ... ... Visual Fortran and been able to call the DLL from Microsoft Excel without any problems. ... where there are non-array output parameters.

  17. I need simple fortran code for read data from file

    Jan 10, 2011 ... ... output file and need simple code for read data that highlited and list in new file as xy (two colume for excel) ... 15, read (iunit, '(5f14.0)' ) array ...

  18. dgbsv() and "double* ab" argument, banded matrix format in C++

    Apr 27, 2009 ... The leading dimension of the array AB. ... I tested on Excel. That initial ... I think your correspondence between Fortran and C array layout is OK.

  19. VBA to Fortran question

    16. Juli 2004 ... To send a bunch of data from ms-excel to Fortran it must be cast into ... nCols) with (I assume) X as a variant array because itdoes not need to ...

  20. Fortran module wizard error

    1. Okt. 2014 ... I am doing the following: 1) Selecting the Microsoft Excel 15.0 Object ... Consider enabling the Fortran Optimization > Heap Arrays > 0 option to ...

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