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  1. Flow Graph Designer


    Intel® Developer Zone: Flow Graph Designer. Ankündigungen. A forum for discussing the Flow Graph Designer tool. Suchen. RSS. Zeigen: 25, 50, 100.

  2. What is Flow Graph Designer Tools and how it works?


    4. Nov. 2015 ... Please explain What is Flow Graph Designer Tools and how it works? In addition I have something to share with you all.Since we are talking ...

  3. how to structure a flow graph with a blocking input source


    19. Juni 2015 ... What is a good way to modify Michael Voss' Feature Detection flow graph example when the source filter providing input images is blocking ...

  4. Multiple FlowGraph instances


    30. März 2015 ... Hi all, Is it possible to run concurrent, multiple, FlowGraph instances? If so, what would be the best way to execute them? My immediate thought ...

  5. class hierarchy for FlowGraph nodes


    7. Mai 2015 ... I'm trying to design a reconfigurable flowgraph framework: whereby the actual makeup of the flowgraph can be dynamically created at runtime ...

  6. Is there a way to reject messages in a flow graph node?


    May 25, 2015 ... I'm currently working on a legacy system which has a computation model of dependency graph. I tried tbb::flow::graph, which works good.

  7. Welcome to the Flow Graph Designer Forum


    17. März 2014 ... Flow Graph Designer is a visualization tool that supports the analysis and design of parallel applications that use the Intel® Threading Building ...

  8. Flow Graph - target_node?


    3. Juni 2014 ... Given the following example which requires a busy loop:

  9. Can a flow graph be build through multiple classes?


    Apr 13, 2015 ... And I just love TBB, the ease of use compared to the manual thread handling. But now I am wondering if it is possible with TBB Flow Graph to ...

  10. capping the number of threads used by tbb::flow::graph


    8. Okt. 2014 ... Is it possible to impose a maximum on the number of threads spun up by tbb as the graph is generated and edges are made? Right now, tbb ...

  11. calling flowgraph operators()() through shared library


    27. Apr. 2015 ... Does anyone know if this is possible?... To create a FlowGraph whereby each function is a class loaded from a shared library: probably ...

  12. Intel TBB flow graph webinar - session recording available


    30. Apr. 2013 ... Whether you are new to TBB or a TBB expert, listen to Michael Voss, Architect of the Intel® TBB flow graph, explain this new and powerful ...

  13. How to supply items for flow::graph from another master thread?


    Apr 24, 2014 ... We have a flow graph without an input node. Previously we did not dedicate a master thread for graph execution, all nodes were served by TBB ...

  14. Multiple use of the flow graph


    2. Juni 2013 ... I have following concern: I need to create a flow graph with approximately 6000 nodes (in fact it will be many graphs connected together to ...

  15. "Bug" in flow-graph together with termios.h


    17. Apr. 2013 ... I wanted to report a "bug" which might appear when using the flow-graph. In flow_graph.h(and probably all the other impl files) all the fake ...

  16. How to refactor ipp_resize_mt example to a flow graph?


    10. Nov. 2014 ... Next I also want to use the flow graph to build a histogram on each tile and at after the last tile was processed calculate the final histogram.

  17. Flow graph queueing nodes hold input references


    Mar 17, 2014 ... I have a flow graph where the objects are too heavy to pass by copy, so instead I' m passing a shared pointer to the object through the graph.

  18. Using Flow Graph for a node editor


    Mar 18, 2015 ... Hi, I've been developing a node based editor and figured the TBB Flow Graph would be a perfect fit for my application. However, I can't seem to ...

  19. Flow Graph - Suggestion


    6. Juni 2014 ... I've noticed what seems to me a suboptimal semantics of the flow graph api. In particular when a node switches set (push/pull) the switch is ...

  20. building a Flow graph to work with chunks of data ?


    Jul 6, 2013 ... At this page there is a good introduction to the Intel TBB flow graph http://www. drdobbs.com/tools/the-intel-threading-building-blocks-flow/23.

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