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  1. How to run *.exe file from Intel Visual Fortran


    14. Sept. 2015 ... Dear Developers Acutally, I did migrate from Compaq Fortran to Intel Visual ... The Intel Fortran reference manual page for SYSTEM provides ...

  2. Unhandled Exception when trying to pass Types with arrays from ...


    Sep 11, 2015 ... To better explain my issue I've written a basic Fortran code and basic C++ ... on Fortran-C interoperability of your Fortran manual or the Fortran ...

  3. need help calling C from Fortran


    29. Aug. 2015 ... 20 years ago it was all fortran, but today it's in C. The attached fortran ... at https:// software.intel.com/en-us/mkl-reference-manual-for-fortran-pdf ...

  4. Cubic root: CBRT


    14. Dez. 2014 ... which turns out to be much faster than the fortran-term x**(1./3.). ... Interestingly, although it is mentioned in the current Fortran manual at ...

  5. MsVS Build Error "(Platform Toolset = 'Intel C++ Compiler 16.0')...not ...


    21. Sept. 2015 ... ... for Fortran Samples, the Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler Documentation and the Intel® Math Kernel Library Reference Manual - Fortran MKL ...

  6. C and FORTRAN 2003 interoperability


    31. Mai 2007 ... Reference the page titled Using Modules in Mixed-Language Programming in the Intel FORTRAN 9.1 manual .yes we do read them I am ...

  7. Compatiblity with legacy fortran: display of leading zeroes


    Mar 25, 2011 ... I have a legacy fortran (16 bit) application, along with the Fotran 77 fixed ... clear but if not don't hesitate to look in the FORTRAN manual about ...

  8. using lapack from mkl in intel visual fortran


    18. Juli 2010 ... Now is there a similar way to use lapack from mkl in intel visual fortran, since in the manual, the setup procedure is a little bit complex.

  9. Example C-43 of MKL Reference Manual


    17. Dez. 2009 ... MKL Reference Manual, August 2009, Chapter 14. Nonlinear Optimization Problem Solvers, p.3227, there is a link to a Fortran Example C-43.

  10. Numpy install with intel fortran on windows


    4. Sept. 2014 ... --fcompiler=intelv Intel Visual Fortran Compiler for 32-bi ... to achieve a manual build with : http://www.scipy.org/scipylib/building/windows.html

  11. Compiling file .f03


    Nov 12, 2010 ... I'm using Intel Fortran Composer XE 2011 for Linux, but the terminal says: ... It is frustrating to try an option that the manual leads us to believe ...

  12. Optimization flags documentation


    4. Febr. 2015 ... By the way, "mpifort" is not a command provided by Intel Fortran. ... The current Intel Fortran manual contains "-nofor-main" in some places and ...

  13. Watching Allocatable Things


    However, your "explained in the Manual" comment leaves me puzzled. I can't find ... Debugging Fortran Programs..Viewing Fortran Data Types in the Debugger.

  14. MKL Interpolation gives strange results (fortran)


    9. Aug. 2015 ... With the help of the reference manual for MKL data fitting i have tried to put together a I have a piece of fortran code for interpolation using MKL.

  15. resource.h and unused constants


    Apr 11, 2007 ... Is there an easy method torebuild the resource.h file or is manual editing the ... This is also described in the Intel Fortran documentation under ...

  16. Using Visual Fortran Compiler 11.1 to compile a 9.1 project


    Hi I am trying to compile a Fortran project that comes with a CFD software. In the software manual, it asks for the project to be modified in Visual studio 2005 with ...

  17. Intel fortran command problem


    17. Juli 2015 ... Intel fortran command problem. Intel fortran command problem ... Here's the specific section on Build-menu-configuration from the manual: ...

  18. C interface to BLAS


    Jul 30, 2015 ... Can somebody enlighten me on how the standard FORTRAN NetLib API is .... A question: you mention the MKL manual entry for "lsame".

  19. DSS Fortran Error


    21. Sept. 2015 ... The Intel Fortran compiler will display the version if you use the -logo option. Viewing the publication/release date of a manual may not be ...

  20. Fastest method to sum matrix


    25. Okt. 2011 ... Look up the reshape function in your Fortran manual, so that you can cast ... Read the section on matrix storage schemes in the MKL manual.

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