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  1. HTML5

    We're a growing community of developers united to push the boundaries of HTML5 and revolutionize digital experiences.

  2. HTML5

    Tire suas dúvidas e compartilhe suas experiências sobre o desenvolvimento de aplicativos usando HTML5 e sobre o Intel® HTML5 Development Environment.

  3. HTML5 Application Development (Archived)

    This forum has been retired. Please visit the following forum for Intel® XDK and HTML5 app development support: .

  4. Intel® XDK | Intel® Software

    Mit Intel XDK Tools können Sie Ihre hybriden HTML5 Mobil-und Web-Apps für verschiedene Stores entwickeln, testen, debuggen, profilieren, paketieren und ...

  5. HTML5/JS vs XAML/C#

    Hi ! I asking if if there are any advantages or disadvantages to using either XAML/ C# or HTML5/JavaScript for Metro Apps. Thank you !

  6. HTML5教程

    25. März 2016 ... 各位大神谁能提供好的HTML5教程,最好是初级点儿的。

  7. browser/android version support for my standard HTML5 ...

    18. Mai 2016 ... I would like to know is there any document mention about the browser version supported if I using framework7 and standard HTML5 project.

  8. Android* - App-Entwicklung in HTML5 mit dem Intel® XDK | Intel ...

    6. Okt. 2015 ... Das Intel XDK dient der Entwicklung installierbarer Mobil-Apps für Android, Windows und iOS in HTML5. Dale erläutert die Funktionsmerkmale ...

  9. Add event to HTML5 Calendar

    1. Juni 2016 ... Hey we started a project at our school. Therefore we need a calendar which only uses HTML5, CSS and JS. So no cordova plugin allowed.

  10. Verwenden des lokalen Speichers in Ihren Web-Apps mit HTML5 ...

    30. Aug. 2011 ... Mit HTML5 wird lokaler Speicher zum Speichern von Schlüssel-Wert-Paaren auf der Client-Seite verwendet. Diese Schlüssel-Wert-Paare ...

  11. Back Button on HTML5 (inappbrowser)

    9. Mai 2016 ... how can i handle back button on android ONLY FOR INDEX ? i mean, when user at INDEX and press BACK button, the app go to exit , not ...

  12. Getting Started with HTML5 Guide

    Nov 27, 2015 ... Introduction This series of tutorials contains 19 Getting Started lessons that would help developers to master the basics of HTML5 in 12 hours!

  13. Intel XDK: Einführung zur Cross-Plattform Entwicklung mit HTML5 ...

    11. Apr. 2014 ... Die Microsoft Virtual Academy veröffentlichte ein kostenfreies Video-Training, das einen Einstieg zur Cross-Plattform Entwicklung bietet.

  14. HTML5开发论坛

    欢迎您来到英特尔HTML5开发者论坛!在这里您可以和各路达人交流HTML5开发 技术,也可以提交您在使用英特尔XDK进行应用开发时遇到的困惑和问题,以及您 ...

  15. Wrap existing HTML5 site as an app

    11. Mai 2016 ... Is it possible to wrap an existing HTML5 website as an app (IOS or Android) ? Are there any such examples in the public domain ?

  16. HTML5 Viewer Document(.docx,.xlsx,.pdf .. ) in Android Device

    7. Apr. 2016 ... You know an HTML5 Viewer Documents works with intel xdk to view our documents in Android Device.

  17. HTML5 <video> playbackRate not working

    17. März 2015 ... According to the Intel document at: managed/d8/a6/fast-track-..., page 8-5, the HTML5 video tag ...

  18. I import Html5 project and i can't display ads

    18. Mai 2016 ... Hi, I import existing html5 project as you now with my own template , the problem is : I want to add ads with cordova admob but i don't know ...

  19. MQTT in my HTML5 app

    24. Apr. 2015 ... How can I connect to my MQTT server in my HTML5 app.

  20. HTML5 audio tag IOs problem

    21. Jan. 2016 ... Hi all, I'm using the audio tag to play mp3, and works fine except on IOs, as a mobile app or web app. The code is: The control is displayed fine ...

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