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  1. Additional instructions suggestion - Intel® Developer Zone


    Apr 28, 2008 ... My main concern is the (automatic) vectorization of loops. ... So it is of great importance to vectorizing compilers that there is no discrimination in ...

  2. Neue Beiträge - Intel® Developer Zone


    Artikel, The Importance of Vectorization for Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel® MIC Architecture) (Fortran Example) · Martyn Corden (Intel), 1 , Fr, ...

  3. Vectorization Limitations - The step towards SIMD Programming


    29. Nov. 2008 ... Hi All. Since vectorization in one way to achieve parallelization of code ... which makes a sinerio for SIMD programming totake it's importance?

  4. Aliasing concern with variable stride creating temporary and slow ...


    8. März 2014 ... ... 1 temporary and then copied to the destination, all reporting vectorization. ... I wanted to give an example of the importance of digging up the ...

  5. Vectorize loop with dependent array indices - Intel® Developer Zone


    Dec 1, 2008 ... is there a way to convince the Intel compiler to (auto-)vectorize the .... I must admit I am almost glad we disagree on the importance of the issue, ...

  6. Has ICC 11.0 overcome 10.0 troubles? - Intel® Developer Zone


    8. Mai 2009 ... Buggy and poorer vectorization than 9.1, I've read. ... at the expense of auto- parallel, increasing the importance of OpenMP programming.

  7. Is there some books about SIMD(sse, avx and so on) optimization?


    17. Dez. 2013 ... http://click.intel.com/the-software-vectorization-handbook.html is a ... I concur with your observation about the importance of treating those ...

  8. regarding auto-parallelization feature - Intel® Developer Zone


    Auto-vectorization of reverse_copy() is of minor importance, but should be ... together with appropriate restrict qualifiers sometimes facilitates vectorization, but I ...

  9. What exactly is HPC? - Intel® Developer Zone


    18. Juni 2004 ... I totally agree with you on the importance of paralelism to HPC. ... That's the software pipelingor vectorization, which can include all the ...

  10. Sandy Bridge: SSE performance and AVX gather/scatter


    From my POV it's not very important if the instructions are in the ISA or not ..... How do you expect integer vectorization to take off if hardware support is not there?

  11. Compiler warning: remark: unroll pragma will be ignored due to ...


    11. Nov. 2013 ... As Qiao said, there is less importance of unroll directives. 14.0.1 compiler ... 2) remark: vectorization support: unroll factor set to 4 488977u.c(7): ...

  12. VisualStudio compiler parallelisation options and AVX


    26. Jan. 2011 ... /Qvec-report shows vectorization under /QxAVX -O3 Data local to L1 ... Your overclocking would increase the importance of this. Attempting to ...

  13. Some toughts about rendering primitives interface


    Apr 26, 2010 ... (Possibly SSE vectorization). ... rays (The number is determined dynamically using surface shader parameters and importance of the rendering, ...

  14. ICC benchmarking and ICC vs GCC


    2. Apr. 2014 ... an other question: How can I use the vectorization option with GCC to ... Due to the importance of threaded vector libraries such as MKL and ...

  15. Questions about DO CONCURRENT


    Sep 15, 2015 ... Your varying run times may confirm their importance. .... 20, remark #15335: loop was not vectorized: vectorization possible but seems ...

  16. Why Fortran Composer XE 2013 has optimization option ...


    I also understand the importance of RTFM but information about /fltconsistency is ... optimizations such as vectorization, can cause small changes in the results.

  17. Deutsch - Intel® Developer Zone


    The compiler attempts to optimize the plain C code with vectorization, prefetch, .... kernels can exploit non-temporal stores, which overstates their importance.

  18. why cilk_for slower that for ? - Intel® Developer Zone


    Another thing to check is whether the difference is vectorization. It could be that in ... In decreasing order of importance, here is what I've observed. 1. The loop in ...

  19. Deutsch


    As a side effect of SOA use in this case vectorization becomes possible so not only .... Both compilers are trying to keep int aligned, but differ in the importance of ...

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