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  1. Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel MIC Architecture)


    Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor is the brand name for all Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel MIC Architecture) based products. At the end of 2012, ...

  2. When is gdb 7.9 for MIC going to be released?


    14. Sept. 2015 ... ... from the 7.9 source code. However, I don't think this is possible for the MIC, as the gdb for MIC has lots of modifications from the gdb mainline.

  3. catastrophic error: *MIC* cannot open source file "gsl/gsl_rng.h"


    2. Nov. 2015 ... Hello everyone, I'm trying to offload the openmp parts of a code to be offloaded on Phi. I added #pragma offload target (mic) just before ...

  4. A MIC bug in icc13.0


    2. Apr. 2015 ... hello,I have a problem on MIC these days.My cpu has 3 MICs. My code is (file named MIC_test.cc):

  5. setup MIC to MIC passwordless ssh


    vor 12 Stunden ... Hello, Is it possible to setup MIC to MIC passwordless ssh? When I ssh from one MIC to another: root@mic0 ~]# ssh mic1 The authenticity of ...

  6. Intel MIC MPI symmetric job profiling using Vtune


    16. Okt. 2015 ... Hi, I want to profile the my MPI application executing on HOST+MIC using symmetric mode execution. I used the following command but it says ...

  7. How to protect code from triggering MIC build on non-MIC nodes


    17. Juli 2015 ... Hello, we have two clusters in-house, one with MIC cards and another without. When we build code with OpenMP 4.x pragmas or functions for ...

  8. Bug/Limitation: Cannot compile thread_local dynamic non-POD ...


    16. Sept. 2015 ... While for the host architecture the code compiles, for mic (e.g. adding -mmic) the compilation fails. A warning is emitted during compilation of ...

  9. Mumble + Mic + Win 8.1 does not work...


    3. Sept. 2015 ... So I had my F800 installed in Win 7 and was using the mic with Mumble perfectly fine. Then I upgraded to Win 8.1 Pro to use the drivers and ...

  10. MIC on ubuntu 15.04


    16. Sept. 2015 ... Hi, I am trying to build the mic module for Ubuntu. After following https://software. intel.com/en-us/forums/intel-many-integrated-core/topic..., ...

  11. MPSS-3.1 on RHEL 6.4: OFED-3.5-MIC support


    13. Nov. 2013 ... According to the release notes this version should support OFED-3.5-MIC. Are there any installation instructions available? What version of ...

  12. Not seeing mic device in OpenCL devices


    10. Aug. 2015 ... I have setup an icd of /opt/intel/opencl-1.2- However I am still not seeing the mic device as an OpenCL device.

  13. Using OpenCV with ICC and MIC


    vor 3 Tagen ... Hello I am working on my master thesis that involves using Intel Xeon Phi for image processing. I intend to use OpenCV libraries for the image ...

  14. Module mic not found in Fedora 20


    20. Juli 2015 ... I'm trying to install MPSS on Fedora 20 but I get this error when run the command " modprobe mic": modprobe: FATAL: Module mic not found In ...

  15. Regrding target construct error (mic offload)


    Regrding target construct error (mic offload). puneet s. Mo, 25/05/2015 - 22:40. i have started exploring openmp 4.0 constructs for intel xeon phi architecture by ...

  16. How long does it take to allocate memory on the MIC?


    20. Okt. 2014 ... I wrote some code to test the speed of allocating memory on the MIC. I find that allocte 4GB memory on MIC card need almost 14 seconds.

  17. monitoring MIC with micmgmt API


    19. Juni 2015 ... I am trying to develop a dstat plugin to monitor the MIC usage. To do this I would like to use the python binding to micmgmt but I am not sure to ...

  18. MIC上使用FFTW,运行出错The result of dlerror()


    7. März 2014 ... 使用MKL和FFTW,编译能够勉强通过,会出现一些warnning。但是运行出现以下 提示: Allocate array for input data On the sink, dlopen() returned ...

  19. infiniband connection host-mic and mic-mic


    25. Febr. 2015 ... Hi, I'm trying to set up infiniband connection between host and mic, mic and mic. Host is showing this on ifconfig: mic0:ib: flags=67 mtu 64512 ...

  20. Create an own OS kernel for the MIC architecture


    Jul 2, 2013 ... Hello, I am developing Linux kernel extensions for the MIC architecture. If I extended Intel's (original) Linux kernel with my internal version ...

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