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  1. Mpeg2 decoder - Intel® Developer Zone


    27. Okt. 2005 ... I want to make a Mpeg2 decoder dynamiclink library which is used in My program .My develop eviroment is VC++ 6.I find there are two libraries ...

  2. IPP Mpeg2 Decoder Performance Issue


    4. Juni 2013 ... Hi, We are evaluating the performance of IPP mpeg2 decoder source code library on some of our target server. For this we are using IPP 7.1 ...

  3. MPEG2 Decoder Meta functions - Intel® Developer Zone


    30. Jan. 2007 ... Hello, I am attempting to create a MPEG2 decoder using the guidelines in the documentation ippiman.pdf (page 16-116). When feeding in a ...

  4. MPEG2 decoder sample doesnt work in Runtime environment


    7. Okt. 2005 ... Hi, I recently built the MPEG2 decoder(multi threaded) sample and tried to run the exe on a fresh machine(Win XP) with no developer ...

  5. problems with MPEG2 decoder sample - Intel® Developer Zone


    18. März 2009 ... Dear IPP experts, especially those of you with experience using the IPP MPEG2 decoder. I had good success using the IPP MPEG2 decoder ...

  6. UMC: MPEG2 Decoder Crash - Intel® Developer Zone


    27. Okt. 2010 ... Hi,I've encountered a case where the MPEG2 decoder crashes. I havenumThreads set to 8 and there appears to be a problem correctly setting ...

  7. Unable to decode any mpeg2 video using mpeg2 decoder sample


    22. März 2005 ... Is there any restriction for the video? Can somebody provide me any video that works?

  8. mpeg2decoder.exe will crash for some Video Stream!


    22. März 2005 ... Hi, I am a new user of Intel IPP, I tried to used mpeg2decoder.exe( under .. ipp_samplevideoMPEG2-decodeBin") to play some video stream file ...

  9. MPEG2 Decoder Sample BUG ?!?! - Intel® Developer Zone


    20. Apr. 2005 ... I'm testing the MPEG2Decoder IPP app. and I have found a bug with the files longer thant 1GB aprox. Well, the problem is in the bitstream.c, ...

  10. UMC: MPEG2 Decoder Slice Threading - Intel® Developer Zone


    3. Juni 2010 ... Hello,While looking at theUMC::MPEG2VideoDecoder class in the audio-video- codecs section of the IPP 6.1 samples, I noticed ...

  11. mpeg2 decoder - Input buffer question


    30. Juni 2008 ... Hi, I want to reopen an issue regarding buffer handling for DataIn object in the GetFrame function. This is the old thread about it ...

  12. Mpeg2-decoder: Timestamp based on GOP? - Intel® Developer Zone


    13. Aug. 2008 ... Hello,I seems that the PTS of a MPEG2-frame is only based on the framerate and is always started at PTS=0. In my case I have a smal clip of a ...

  13. IPP 4 compatibility issue


    28. Okt. 2005 ... What exactly application did you tried to test MPEG2 decoder sample? ... samples and the Mpeg2decoder.exe sample from IPP 4.0 samples.

  14. UMC Video Decoder framerate in clipinfo - Intel® Developer Zone


    9. Dez. 2009 ... ... ultrasounds placed into the encoder). Is there something special I need to do in mpeg2 decoder to change fps at which its played at? Thanks.

  15. Neue Beiträge - Intel® Developer Zone


    Forumsthema, UMC: MPEG2 Decoder Crash · Scott Danahy, 25, Fr, 11/02/2011 - 17:28. Forumsthema, ippiDeinterlaceMotionAdaptive_8u_C1 Example · Scott ...

  16. how many profiles and levels had mpeg2 codec supported ?


    7. Sept. 2004 ... mpeg2 encoder currently support only 420, but mpeg2 decoder supports 422 and ... Do you mean , mpeg2 decoder in IPP samples can decode

  17. MPEG-2 Decoder Sample - Intel® Developer Zone


    15. Sept. 2004 ... can mpeg2 decoder support MP@HP , MP@MP profile and level ? ... IPP MPEG2 decoder sample does support MP@HP , MP@MP. Please ...

  18. Neue Beiträge - Intel® Developer Zone


    Forumsthema, Mpeg2-decoder: Timestamp based on GOP? dewildt, 3, Mi, 13/08/ 2008 - 05:30. Forumsthema, MPEG2 Encoder Frames per second ...

  19. Is it possible to eliminate Reader and Splitter in MPEG2 video ...


    Dec 9, 2008 ... Hi, I'm trying to use IPP Mpeg2 decoder in my project, in which I have a demux already -- all I need from IPP is the decoded video data, so I can ...

  20. "list iterator not dereferencable"


    21. Juli 2010 ... Hi, I've buit a small transcoder (in C++), not big deal, using Intel's filters mpeg2 decoder -> h264 encoder (from TS files). The SDK version is 1.5 ...

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