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  1. Configure and Building perl with intel icc compiler

    20. Aug. 2010 ... Hi I have many times built perl using gcc. Now tring to install the perl using intel icc compiler.I got evaluation version in my linux machine. I ran .

  2. Congratulations to Thomas Perl!

    29. Sept. 2011 ... Congratulation to Thomas Perl - Student from beautiful Vienna and Intel AppUp Community member for winnig $25k for the Best Tablet App ...

  3. Run debugger from cover script?

    7. Dez. 2010 ... My program needs to be run from a perl cover script that sets up environment variables and an output directory. Is it possible to use the ...

  4. cmake error for ipp-sample.

    7. März 2013 ... I installed perl and cmake properly, as instruced. And, when I typed "perl builder. pl", I got the follwoing, which is all okay so far:

  5. Is it possible to use apt-get package manager in Yocto?

    8. Mai 2014 ... 08, liblocale-gettext-perl liblzma5 libselinux1 libstdc++6 ... 14, libqtcore4-perl apt openssh-client udev runit xauth glibc-doc locales bzip2 ...

  6. segmentation fault

    28. Aug. 2009 ... copy license to /opt/intel/cce/10.0.025/licenses. go to /opt/intel/cce/10.0.025/bin. run perl -pi -w -e 's//\/opt\/intel\/cce\/10.0.025/g;' * perl -pi -w -e ...

  7. Can not build ipp-samples.

    5. Sept. 2013 ... perl --cmake=audio-video-codecs,ia32,vc2010,s,st,release .... perl build. pl --cmake=speech-codecs,ia32,xcode,s,mt,debug --build

  8. icc -mmic: Error: `xxx' is not supported on `k1om'

    27. Apr. 2015 ... I compile a app with "icc -mmic", and it needs openssl library. So I compile ssl with "icc -mmic", then faild. Maybe it's the problem with perl?

  9. viewing the callgraph results

    16. März 2003 ... I wrote a small script in perl which saves the results into a .html file, to be viewed by netscape etc.

  10. Segfault on stdout OR terminal output WRITE(6,*) ??

    Nov 5, 2009 ... I have a fairly small optimization routine, in fortran, that is compiled by commands from a perl script. Ultimately this fortran routine is run and the ...

  11. Can't build Intel® IPP 7.1 Samples

    21. Nov. 2012 ... Hi, I download the new Intel IPP 7.1 and ipp-samples. also I download CMake* 2.8.8 and ActiveState* perl. My OS is Win7 32 bit i5.

  12. Tipps zur Erstellung von Inhalten

    ... wobei language eine der folgenden Sprachen ist: bash, csharp, cpp, css, fortran, jscript, java, perl, php, plain, python, r, ruby, sql, xml, html, javascript, s, splus.

  13. Sie sind hier

    23. Mai 2012 ... Where I have to submit the perl script to run my application on the card. ... as "MIC perl" I see good suggestions, not that ...

  14. Intel(R) Architecture Code Analyzer 2.1 Now Available

    23. Sept. 2013 ... ... that 'realpath' is a standard Unix command. Perhaps I need to install this Perl utility? <>.

  15. IPP installation problem

    3. Febr. 2013 ... even when i run the perl --cmake=SAMPLE,ARCH ... perl -- cmake=speech-codecs,ia32,make,s,st,release --clean --build.

  16. Breshears 5-15 Webinar "Parallel Design Paterns" Q2 - sample ...

    22. Mai 2008 ... @language - make the code a more "generic language", and give solution in 3 or 4 different languages; C, python, perl, java.. I think that it is ...

  17. Control AMT By Scripts

    13. Sept. 2007 ... Can I use AMT commands in a script language such as Tcl and Perl and execute the scripts? If AMT is like a DOS command line, I may need to ...

  18. Failure in

    Jan 3, 2016 ... Package perl-ExtUtils-Embed.noarch 0:1.30-285.el7 will be updated ---> Package .... perl-ExtUtils-Embed noarch 1.30-286.el7 base 49 k

  19. CVF COM Server and the .NET environment

    17. Apr. 2002 ... ... code callable from MS applications and other applications that support COM clients (e.g. some scripting languages such as ActiveState perl).

  20. Dependency Generation Issues

    17. März 2016 ... 1) We have a build order generator written in perl that deals with the module dependencies, but I'd like to use the ifort dependency generation ...

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